I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, a small community that shares everything. I got plenty of peace and quiet so it took a bit of imagination to get by at times. Growing up there was never much to do there. I would sit at the dining room table and draw characters from my favorite cartoons and video games all the time. This helped me acquire skills in art classes later on in school.

          In high school I was introduced to acrylic paints and I found it very nerve racking as I could not control the medium like a pen or pencil. I began to respect the medium and learn the different techniques. ANYONE can pick up this medium and feel so out of place but, trust me and give it time to grow on you.

          Shortly after getting into landscape paintings my primary job (wholesale seafood business) could no longer pay the bills and I needed a way to support my family. I set out to join the U.S Airforce and I'm currently serving on active duty.

          Besides my love for art, i'm happily married to my best friend and have a silly daughter who I cherish more than anything.

                                                Bruce Collins
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